Cabin Crew Recruitment photos in London. Emirates Cabin Crew application photos.

Photo session guidelines - professional cabin crew recruitment photos that comply with Emirates, Qatar Airways, Etihad, EasyJet, British Airways, Norwegian and any other airline's cabin crew recruitment guidelines. The photographer Mona Margo - UK's actress - will take your professional application photos for Emirates, Etihad, Qatar Airways, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and more. Sign up for a professional photo session for cabin crew candidates - in London.

Come and have your best cabin crew application photos done in a professional studio.

Photo session

Emirates Cabin Crew

  • Full body formal (white background)
  • Passport size formal
  • Full body casual (studio)
  • Portrait casual (studio)

Qatar Airways Cabin Crew

  • Full body formal (blue background)
  • Passport size formal
  • ID photo portrait
  • USA visa photo

Emirates and Qatar Cabin Crew full body photos - examples

Cabin Crew full body formal application photo Emirates Airlines, Emirates application photo for Cabin Crew, get a cabin crew jon with professional cabin crew recruitment photos!
Qatar Airways Cabin Crew full body formal photo for Cabin Crew Recruitment Event, Qatar Airways blue background required at the Qatar Cabin Crew Recruitment event in London

Additional information

  • Emirates full body photo is accepted by almost all other airlines recruiters.
  • Professional cabin crew photos are one of the keys to get a job at Emirates, Qatar Airways or British Airways.
  • All airlines require specific full body photos during a cabin crew CV drop, open day, recruitment event and job interview, including Ryanair, EasyJet and Norwegian.

Business Attire


  • Closed, fitted jacket
  • Knee length skirt
  • White shirt
  • Skin colour stockings
  • High heels (closed toed/ no ankle straps)


  • Suit (dark blue or black)
  • White shirt
  • Tie
  • Black socks
  • Classic, black shoes

Additional information

  • Outfit colour according to cabin crew photo guidelines - black or dark blue
  • No accessories visible - glasses, watches, jewellery, scarves, hats
  • Candidates photos must be as close as possible to a cabin crew uniform



  • Hair professionally groomed in a bun
  • Visible make up (red lipstick)
  • Earrings - little pearls
  • Clean and ironed outfit
  • BIG happy smile


  • Well cut and neatly done hair
  • No beard
  • Fresh look
  • Full smile
  • Clean and ironed attire

Additional requirements

  • No braces
  • Generally fit body conditions with BMI 18.5 - 24.99
  • Cabin Crew grooming is at top level importance and must be shown on the photos

Tattoos and piercing

Cabin Crew Requirements

  • No visible tattoos outside the grey space - uniform
  • No visible piercing outside the gray space - ordinary earrings allowed
  • Possible exceptions in some airlines however all airlines have their grooming guidelines
Female cabin crew requirements for tattoos and piercing, cabin crew job female grooming standards for tattoos and piercing, cabin crew job application photos
Male Cabin Crew no Tattoos and piercing standards, cabin crew job male grooming standards, Emirates cabin crew application photos

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  • Photographer Mona Margo


  • London
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Photo session

- Full body formal photo

- Formal passport photo

- Full body casual photo

- Casual portrait photo

- 60 min photo shoot

- Photos postproduction

- Online delivery

£ 69 / p.p.